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Basketball Training with VertiMax/Dr. Dish Shooting Machine Shooting 

Running the fast break. Tying up a defenders feet with a deadly crossover. Driving to the rack and throwing it down with authority!! It all depends on speed and a great vertical. VertiMax basketball training is not only the leading vertical jump training program, it's also designed to add blazing speed and quickness to your game.  We will provide intense training in a group setting to prepare the campers with the proper technique. Ballin Blazers Basketball also teaches the camper to perfect their shot through intense, repetitive drills that lock the necessary shooting technique into the camper's muscle memory with the Dr. Dish All Star and Complete Trainer (CT) Basketball shooting machine. This will enable the athlete to execute proper fundamentally-sound shooting mechanics.

We will provide 8 - 1 hour 30 minutes sessions 2 days a week over a 4 week period to the first 7 registered campers per session for a rate of $40 per session or $275 for 8 sessions. 

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Ballin Blazers Basketball Training with VertiMax EX, VertiMax Raptor & Dr. Dish CT

Ballin Blazers Basketball Group Workout Dr. Dish VertiMax Advance

Ballin Blazers VertiMax-Dr. Dish Workouts